Current Schedule – June 25, 2016

Madison Mountaineering K2 2016 USA International Expedition – Proposed Schedule

Current Situation at 8:00 PM June 25, 2016:

The weather is excellent (sunny and cold) and the forecast is for the same good weather for the next 5-7 days. We are all eager to make as much progress as possible with the good weather.

June 25 the Nepalese Sherpas established the route to Advanced Base Camp (ABC) and installed the fixed ropes to Camp 1.

June 26 we expect the Sherpas to install the fixed ropes to Camp 2.

We are on schedule and are making good progress. The Pakistani High Altitude Porters will start to carry tents, equipment, fuel, food, oxygen and supplies to establish Camp 1 and 2 starting June 27.

Tentative plan for the climbers and guides is as follows (subject to weather, conditions and progress):

June 26 – one day carry to ABC return to BC
June 27 – rest and prepare at BC
June 28 – start 1st rotation, to ABC and sleep
June 29 – stay and sleep ABC
June 30 – move to Camp 1 and sleep
July 1 – move to Camp 2 and sleep
July 2 – climb to Camp 3 and return to Camp 2
July 3 – move back to Base Camp
July 4 to 10 – rest and prepare at Base Camp
July 10 to 17 – 2nd rotation and possible summit attempt.

The first rotation is currently planned to be six days and five nights