The People

This page will highlight some of the people that Stuart encounters along the way.


Mashabrum Expeditions are contracted by Madison Mountaineering to provide the Low Porters, Porter Chiefs, Super Porter Chiefs, High Altitude Porters, Trekking Guides, Cooks and Kitchen Staff.

Madison Mountaineering 2016 K2 Expedition is traveling with over 300 Low Porters, 9 Porter Chiefs, one Super Porter Chief and three guides, one for Trekkers and two for the climbers, which are all provided by Mashabrum Expeditions.

The trek from Askole (the end of the road) to K2 Base Camp is about 130 kms, which is broken up into six trekking days of approximately 20 kms per day which normally takes about 5 to 9 hours per day to trek.

Low Porters can carry a maximum load of 25 kgs (55 lbs) per day and normally trek between 15 and 25 kms, which normally takes about 5 to 9 hours, depending on the terrain and weather. Low Porters normally get paid between 1,000 rupees (US$10) to 1,500 rupees (US$15) per day, plus tips of about US$5 per Low Porter per day directly from Madison Mountaineering. They are actually paid only when they carry a load per stage, which is between two points. They don’t get paid to trek back out to Askole, unless they carry a load.

Porter Chiefs don’t carry a load for anyone else, they just carry their personal items. They are paid a fixed amount of approximately 18,000 rupees (US$180) per trip from Askole to K2 Base Camp and return to Askole.