Trek to K2 – Day 3


The Porter Chiefs distribute food rations to the Low Porters every couple of days. Portions are carefully weighed and recorded. The food is mainly lentils, rice, flour for chippati and roti, eggs, spices and chicken and goat meat.


Making Roti, which is a raised flat bread. This is different to chapatti, which is an unleavened flat bread.


Haji Hadi Ali (in red) is one of nine Porter Chiefs on our K2 expedition. Each Porter Chief are in charge of about 30 to 40 Low Porters that carry loads of about 25 kgs for about 20 to 25 kms (5 to 9 hours) for six days from Askole (end of the road) to K2 Base Camp. This photo shows Haji Hadi Ali and his Low Porters.


We have over 100 mules, donkeys and horses in addition to more than 300 porters traveling with our Madison Mountaineering K2 Expedition to K2 Base Camp.


This is about 100 of the 300 Low Porters we are using for our Madison Mountaineering K2 2016 Expedition.


This is Haji Hadi Ali. For his profile, visit the ” The People” page.


Distributing food and supplies to porters.


This is Muhammad Ibrahim. His profile is located on “The People” page.


This is Abbas. His profile is under “The People” page.