Trek to K2 – Day 6

Today, Stuart arrived at Base Camp, after a six-day hike from the head of the trail.  Most days the team covered around 20 km and hiked for 8-10 hours. Below are some pictures of the last two days of hiking.



A panorama view from the junction of Concordia at the top of the Baltoro Glacier. To the right is the way to Gasherbrum 1 and 2, (not seen in this photo) which are two of the highest fourteen 8,000 metre mountains in the world. In the centre of the photo, you can see Gasherbrum 4, which is almost 8,000 metres. To the left and up the valley is Broad Peak and K2, another two of the fourteen 8,000 metre mountains of the world. If you look carefully up the left valley you can see the summit and right side of K2 poking out from behind the clouds.



Our first view of the summit of K2 from Concordia on June 21, 2016.



After a hard day of trekking, the Pakistani porters huddle in groups around the camp at Broad Peak Base Camp.


Antony, our K2 expedition chef, watches over the Pakistani kitchen helpers as they prepare supper in our kitchen tent at Broad Peak Base Camp.


Pakistani Porters sing some amazing songs together in the evenings in their shelters. Meanwhile, one of the porters is making a balti tea which is a traditional Baltistan tea made from milk powder, tea, butter, salt and soda powder.


Climbers trekking up the upper Baltoro Glacier early in the morning on their way to climb K2.


A Pakistani Porter offers a kind helping hand to one of his fellow porters as they make their way up the Baltoro Glacier from Concordia and onto K2 Base Camp.


Two Pakistani porters showing off their prized possession.


Antony, Clara and Garret take a break at the top of the Baltoro Glacier an hour away from Concordia.


Porters, sherpa’s and climbers make their way from Concordia to Broad Peak Base Camp on their way into K2 Base Camp. K2 can be seen faintly in the background middle left as it is shrouded by clouds.